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It all started with the sweetest movies…

We Love Movies

Action Pack, Suspense, Romance, Drama, Comedy, Adventure, Fiction & Non-Fiction. Whatever movie excites our soul we will watch and enjoy morning, noon and night; especially late at night. In the interim of our movie watching madness, we discovered another love…

We Love Sweets

Late night sweets, cupcakes sweets, chocolate sweets, ice cream sweets, anytime sweets. Sweets of all kinds had us at bay; specifically butter pecan ice cream, gelato, freeze pops and so on. It seemed we always have an urge for the taste of sweets. So much that, in the middle of the night during our movie intermissions, we would leave the house to search for frozen desserts. After a while, we noticed we were packing on pounds from our late night indulgence. We quickly realized our 12 am rondevu came with a cost. A couple of pounds later, we conceived the notion for change.

Planted Seed

In the quest for change, we were in pursuit for something healthier than what we found. We went back to basics and rekindled our childhood memories of homemade ice pops, Italian icee, fruit cups and things as such. Those frozen desserts were a blast from our past. 

In that moment, we clearly understood the importance of natural fresh fruits and vegetables our elders would encourage us to eat were the best after all. We recreated those ice pop recipes from grandma’s kitchen and with our personal medley of flavors, inspired by our rich caribbean culture forged…

...Icecapade Frozen Treats


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